The Madness of King Jeremy

by George Hatjoullis

Theresa May has called a general election for June 8. The media is full of reasons why this is a good idea, even though no one predicted it. If it is such obviously good idea why did no one predict the event or at least discuss the possibility? The media response is because Theresa May ruled it out herself. Since when do we take statements from politicians at face value? All very odd.

Reasons to call a general election are plentiful. First, the opinion polls suggest the Tories will increase their majority. Second, the next election date is pushed forward two years giving more time for the Brexit negotiations to be completed. As it stands there would have been an election in the middle of the negotiations and this was very risky for May and the Brexit camp.  Third, she might well have been faced with many bye-elections as the electoral expenses corruption scandal came to a conclusion. She might even have lost her majority. An election wipes over this mess. So calling an election now is a no brainer that has surprised everyone.

If such an election is so beneficial to the Tory Party why is Jeremy Corbyn enabling it? The Tory party does not have the requisite 2/3 majority to overturn the fixed-term parliament. Only Labour can enable a general election. Why is Labour so keen to do so? The same polls suggest Labour will do badly. Indeed if the Lib Dems manage to make the election a second referendum then Labour could be crushed between the Tory Party and the Lib Dems. The most likely outcome would be a substantial majority for the Tory Party and a much larger Lib Dem presence possibly making the Lib Dems the official opposition. Why would Corbyn risk this when he could wait until 2020 and have time to prepare?

The only possible conclusion is that Corbyn does not have the interests of the country at heart. More important he does not even have the interests of the Labour Party as currently constituted at heart. He does not mind how far Labour shrinks so long as what is left is in his own image. He does not mind how much damage is done to the UK economy or society by May because the ensuing chaos will create the conditions for a socialist revolution, enabling his Labour Party to rise like phoenix from our ashes and lead those of us that are left to the promised land. Alternatively, Corbyn is several bricks short of a pile.

The only hope lies with the Lib Dems and their attempt to be the party of Remain, and the fact that opinion polls are not very reliable. There is much to criticise within the Lib Dem Party but their commitment to the EU is not open to question. The overriding issue of the day is Brexit. The election needs to be fought on this single issue unless you share Corbyn’s vision of salvation through chaos and destruction. Be careful for whom you vote but vote, for all our sakes, vote!