Presenting an agenda for Europe at AMBROSETTI (Lake Como, 14th March 2015)

by George Hatjoullis

Varoufakis offers an erudite analysis of the problem and a hint at the solution. However his suggested sleight of mind to overcome antipathy to federalism is unlikely to be successful. Moreover, none of this can come soon enough to help Greece.

Yanis Varoufakis

Workshop the European House - Ambrosetti a Villa D'Este

Dear All, Ministerial duties have impeded my blogging of late. I am now breaking the silence since I have just given a talk that combines my previous work with my current endeavours. Here is the text of the talk I gave this morning at the Ambrosetti Conference on the theme of ‘An Agenda for Europe’. Long time readers will recognise the main theme – evidence of a certain continuity…

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